We at CopperRidge Australian Shepherds believe that every dog has something special to offer, whether it be in performance events, the conformation ring, or as a devoted family companion. Our goal at CopperRidge is to develop Aussies that are physically and mentally capable of fulfilling their potential. We hope you enjoy our website, and if you have any questions or just want to talk Aussies, please feel free to contact us at copperridgeaussies@yahoo.com.


CopperRidge Australian Shepherds, owned by John Miller, is located approximately one hour south of St. Louis, Missouri.

Our first experience of being owned by an Aussie began with a dog named Copper, hence the name CopperRidge Australian Shepherds. Copper soon became a much loved family pet but his true devotion always belonged to John. It is this devotion along with his many other talents that owned our hearts for more than fourteen years. Because of the versatility of the breed, we soon began a journey that led us from the agility fields on into the obedience and conformation rings. We have found the Australian Shepherd to truly be a dog that can DO IT ALL.


May 1996 - July 2010

Copper was not a show dog, he was not a foundation dog in our breeding program, he was not even what some might call a "correct Aussie." But he was our first Aussie, a family friend to all our children and our introduction into this amazing breed that has brought so many wonderful dogs and people into our lives. He was a dog that will always be remembered as John's constant companion, his co-worker in every job, his friend, and listening ear. Copper was an integral part of our family that will never be remembered without a tear.



AKC CH Fiann's Silver Sweet Sound
November 2003 - July 2009

Our first step into the Conformation Ring began with AKC CH Fiann's Silver Sweet Sound "Dolce." Dolce is the heart and soul of CopperRidge Aussies. She was the dog you always dream of breeding or owning. Sometimes you are just fortunate enough to start at the top, and that is how we feel about Dolce. She exemplifies everything we hope to achieve at CopperRidge. Dolce was a beautiful dog to look at with extraordinary movement. She was a smart, willing, devoted member of our family. Dolce was truly one of those once in a lifetime dogs that captures your heart and soul.

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